During the month of April 2020 we WTF'd our way through the first month of quarantine via Instagram Live. Enjoy the exclusive bootleg tracks that are only available here!

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Season One Finale!

We are hoping you are well during this really interesting era of humanity. Lots of energy being exposed. Lots of shadow work revealing itself. So our response to all of this right now is to breathe. In your breath, you will find peace, comfort and amazingly enough, answers. Just start there. 

If you've followed along all season, you know that each episode has a little bit of human experience built into it. We shared our stories to help others see beyond textbook explanations of behavior and the energetic stamps created. What does it look like in the real world? And can we tell you, there's a lot of lower chakras out of whack right now. And that's totally fucking normal in a time of chaos. The real question is do you see your own shadow? How are you handling all that is coming at you? Are you giving yourself the love YOU need to stay balanced and out of a state of panic? If not, we can help.


How Can We Help You?


While the intention of this podcast was truly for educational and entertainment purposes, we are here to support you in the ways we can! We are both certified Meditation Teachers and Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioners. Individually, we have trained and been certified in additional modalities ranging from Reiki to Quantum BioFeedback. And the best part is our sessions have always been accessed remotely, so we are already set up for times like these! If you find yourself needing additional support or would like some more guidance or clarification for your own experiences, please, let us know! You can contact us HERE.


Wrapping It Up


In this last episode of the season, we do a little wrap up of whole Chakra System, from Root to Crown, and all the archetypes we presented for your consideration. If you missed any, or find yourself needing a refresher, go back and listen to those episodes! Please, utilize our experiences to your benefit!


How Do You React or Respond to Crisis?


This week we talk about how people respond or react in times of crisis. Tracy posits times like these are an excellent test and practice of balancing your Chakra System so that you can move through a crisis with grace and ease. You have the power within you, unleash it!


We will be going on a short hiatus while we work on bringing you more fun, facts, and human experiences for the next Season. In the downtime, we encourage you to re-listen to the episodes and share with your friends and family! Right now, there's a lot of stuff going on in our world and education seems to be the string that can bind us all together. So let's unite!

Stay safe, practice wisdom, be kind, and wash your damn hands. 

With love and all the four-letter words, see you next time,

Tarah & Tracy

The Crown Chakra: Shadow Egotist

In the words of Barry Manilow, “Looks like we made it!” to the Crown Shadow episode! (One of us is eye rolling REALLY hard right now. Can you guess which one?)

This week, we have some fun exploring our own imbalances in the Crown Chakra, diving into definitions because we love words, and revisiting those ever present mirrors in our lives.


Do You Know an Egotist?


This week’s shadow episode delves into the archetype of the Egotist and how triggering that energy can be for so many people. Who are the Egotists in your life? Have you noticed times when perhaps you were acting egoic? What images are conjured when you think of that word? How does it make you feel?


Did You Know Rigid Thinking is a Symptom of a Closed Crown Chakra?


We often like to think we are open minded, but when presented with other belief systems, cultures, or ways of life, it can conflict with the beliefs we were nurtured into. The rigidity of our thoughts is an indication of an imbalanced Crown Chakra. And this week we share one of the more ridiculous ways Tarah expresses her rigid thinking.


What Lens Are You Filtering Your Experiences Through?


We all filter our lives through our own personal perception. What determines the clarity of that perception has a lot to do with your Crown Chakra. Because what comes through the Crown is then processed through the rest of the Chakra System and how solid your Jenga Tower is determines how clear your messages are received. Pay attention to how you respond to the world around you, it will tell you a lot about your Crown.


We are eternally grateful for your support and for coming along on this journey with us. We got into this with the intention of learning more about the Chakra System, sharing we’ve learned through our personal stories and experiences, and expressing the laughter we bring forth to our own healing journeys. Because without laughter, the world is boring AF.

Thank you for being a part of our very first season. We have one more episode coming up next week to wrap up the whole system from Root to Crown. We can’t wait to connect with you one more time for our Season Finale Episode!

The Crown Chakra: Light Guru

Can you believe we’re at the top of the Chakra System, the connection to universal wisdom and the information that is out there for us all to access, the Crown Chakra?!! We are so excited to get into this episode and can’t wait to share the juicy goodness with you all.


Did You Know Your Cerebral Cortex Is Like A Satellite Dish?


This week Tracy gets a little nerdy with the location of the Crown Chakra and explains how it’s essentially a satellite dish for your brain/body. Also, she shares some interesting facts about koala bears. That last statement makes more sense when you listen to the episode.


Who’s Your Guru?


The archetype of the light side of this Chakra is the Guru and can that be a loaded word! Is it like a spiritual leader? A health practitioner? Some wise old sage? In this week’s conversation, we explain what we mean by Guru, and exactly where to find one!


Did You Know You Are A Channel?


We've heard the term channel or channeling used to describe a psychic working with Spirits. And this can be the case at times. However, each one of us has access to divine and universal wisdom simply by opening up and accessing the Crown Chakra. This makes each and every one of us a channel! This week we get into how that works in the real world. Basically, if you’ve ever “been in the zone,” you were channeling energy. And we think that’s pretty fucking awesome. Tune in to hear more of the juicy details!

The Third Eye Chakra: Shadow Intellectual

Wow!! We can’t believe we are already on the shadow episode of the sixth chakra. This season has really moved quickly and we’re so excited that you’ve come along on this journey with us. The Third Eye Chakra has some extra complexities to it, so let’s explore!


What Do You Know About Mental Gymnastics?

How do you see and perceive your world? Are you able to see movement, or do images remain static for you? Does your perception of something shift and change, or does it remain locked and stagnant? Exploring the shadow of this chakra reveals a lot about how we see the world and ourselves. In this episode, we present some examples from our abundant entertainment industry that are shining examples of an imbalanced Third Eye.


How Does Your Third-Eye Shadow Express?

Do you have psychic tendencies that make you feel out of control? Are you overly intellectual and don’t allow for feeling or intuition? Are you Vulcan? Are you able to easily see patterns emerge and then connect the dots of life or are you stuck in a cycle of patterns that you can’t seem to escape? Clarity of thought, clear vision, imagination and insight are all part of this chakra. Having a balanced Third Eye is crucial to the flow of both your inner and outer worlds.


Learning Through Contrast

Tracy mentioned in the very beginning of the season that we learn best through contrasting experiences. In this episode we both get a little personal with how we’ve navigated our imbalanced Third Eye, and how much we’ve learned from those experiences. We encourage you to take a look at your life, all the experiences, wins, challenges, victories, losses, strengths, weaknesses, all of it. What lessons might you have learned? Do you notice any patterns? How did the wins feel versus the losses? Exploring the sensitivity of the body in response to those memories, as well as reviewing from a logical perspective the events as they occurred will often reveal more insight into choices, actions and behaviors. So check in on your inner wisdom. What is it telling you?

The Third Eye Chakra: Light Intuitive

What Do You KNOW About The Third Eye?

This chakra is about seeing and knowing. How clearly do you see? Do you trust what you somehow “know?” Did you know the glands in your brain are behind the Third Eye? PUN INTENDED! (Gosh we crack ourselves up) The Pineal and Pituitary glands are the master control centers associated with this chakra, and the autonomous systems in which our bodies operate are guided by these glands. So isn’t it interesting how your body “knows” what it needs to do?

From the perspective of sight, what’s your eyesight like? How well do you comprehend information? Are you able to recognize patterns? All of this and more is discussed in this episode! Speaking of Sight…


Did You KNOW You Are Psychic?

Is this news or did you already know? If this is news, CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME! It’s a fun ride. You may ask, “How do I know what my intuition is?” If you ever find yourself saying “I knew it!” after an event or experience, that’s your intuition right there! Some of us have ready access and are open channels. Others of us have a lot of density we are working through to get us to a place of trusting. No matter, knowing that you have the ability and access to your own inner knowing is key. So use it. Practice it. Learn to trust it! And if you need more guidance, send us an email! We’d love to help you navigate your experiences. (Side note, it’s literally what we do for a living.)

The Throat Chakra: Shadow Silent Child

And our excitement for the Throat Chakra continues as we power through the shadow side and the archetype of the Silent Child. That phrase totally gave us chills up and down our spines as we've contemplated the many ways we and those we know developed this shadow element. Being able to confidently and positively express yourself is one of the toughest challenges we as humans can face. All the rest of the chakras getting up in there, teetering one way or another trying to stay balanced. What a ride.


Do You Feel Safe Expressing Yourself?

Safety looks a lot of different ways. When we start at the Root Chakra, the Right to Be is the essence of that energetic center. So digging down into the core, do you feel you have a right to be who you are, authentically, and express that to the world? If not, that's totally normal. Many of us don't feel that way and all of us have been affected in a way that causes us to shut down. Maybe it's a hard shut-down, maybe it's a temporary or situation based one. Regardless, most of us have been somewhere at some point where we have had to mute ourselves. So in this episode as we share the ways we felt the need to mute ourselves, we encourage you to consider the ways in your life where you may have had to pull back a bit. Maybe it's the way you wear your hair down at work to hide the super sexy tattoo on the nape of your neck, perhaps it's the way you cut back on the number of F-bombs you drop when you're with your grandparents, or maybe it's deeper, more intense and personal. Maybe you feel like this.... and if so, express it!!! (And feel free to express it to us if you need a safe space!)


So, How Do You Feel About Your Shadow?

With this chakra it becomes very apparent the imbalances that have developed in the rest of the chakra system. And generally speaking, looking at the shadow can get sticky, murky and dark. But so many things that are sticky and murky and dark are sooooooo sooooooo good. Like hot fudge, mud baths, and Turkish coffee. When we hit the shadow aspects of each chakra, it's important to look at what is lurking in those sticky, gooey corners. Let your shadow be like a jar of hot fudge so when you see it, open it up and GET THAT GOODNESS! And just like fudge, that shadow stuff might be too hot and burn your tongue. But we're gonna guess that wouldn't stop you for good... you'd probably just blow on it for a bit and then when it's ready, you dive back in. So... do the same with your shadow. You don't necessarily need to blow on it per se, but we think you get the gist. 


You Have Homework!

But it's funny homework so it doesn't suck. In this episode, we present an example of an imbalanced Throat Chakra through the lens of Hollywood. So be sure to listen to the episode for your homework assignment!

The Throat Chakra: Light Communicator

Oh my gosh we are sooooo excited for this week’s episode. And of course we are, we’re talking about the Throat Chakra, the chakra of... EXPRESSION AND CREATIVITY!!


YES WE’RE YELLING!!! And bouncing off the walls. It’s what we do.


How’s Your Communicator?


The Light Archetype for this chakra is the Communicator and this week we share stories and examples of how we developed this within ourselves. We’ll keep saying it, the chakra system is like a game of Jenga and we’re all doing our best trying to keep everything from toppling over. Social settings are a sure fire way to check in on how balanced your chakra system is, and how clear and balanced your Communicator is. Are you reactive or responsive? Fluid or clumsy? Speaking with intent and resonance or babbling and rambling? Check in!


The Resonant Voice

Speaking of resonance, one of the main aspects of a balanced Throat Chakra is that of Resonant Voice. We discuss in more detail what that sounds and feels like, and how important it is when expressing yourself in any way. Initially we think of conversations or speeches that really moved us. Sometimes it comes in the form of a song, or a voice that just touches something within. For some a poem, an essay, or a piece of art will spark and ignite feeling or emotion. Somehow, feeling connected to the Communicator, through this form of expression. In a way you could say humankind is just wandering the Earth seeking out resonance with others. We like that idea. It feels fuzzy. And totally resonates with us! 


Bringing Back the Container

In earlier episodes we talked about the different containers of energetic space that exists within and around us. In this episode we revisit the idea of the Container through the lens of the Throat Chakra, having developed (or not) the other chakras (root through heart,) and how we feel when communicating with others. A couple important shout-outs are given as positive and balanced containers that have been created for others, and we revisit some middle school antics and memories around self-expression. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Sacred Profane Life. A podcast about awakening into Spirituality and Wellness where we bridge the gap between your physical and energetic bodies with a lot of laughs, a little science, our honest take on it, and we might just drop a few F-Bombs along the way. You have officially been disclaimered.


I am Tarah Bird, and I am Tracy Birdsell and we are two holistic healers and friends living in Los Angeles, doing our best to make sense of this thing called life.


This season on the podcast we’re going to share with you how we have come to understand the energetic centers in our bodies commonly known as the chakras. Within the chakras is a wealth of untapped information, right there in your body.


The problem is that we have become so cerebral that most of us walk around like floating heads completely detached from our bodies. So in each episode we are going to explore one of these energy centers through the contrast of how they can express in the real world, as harmony or discord, also known as the light or the shadow. Because it us through contrasting experiences that we evolve into the greatest version of ourselves.


So join us in the next episode where we introduce the Root Chakra. In the meantime, get out of your head, get back into your body, and go live this Sacred Profane Life. See you next time!

The Heart Chakra: Shadow Actor

Welcome to the Shadow side of the Heart Chakra. This week we both had the feels when talking about it. Just planning out the show brought up some things that we thought we had healed, but alas there were still some layers to be seen. It reminded us just how resilient, and crafty, the heart can be. It’s like the heart goes, “Hmmm, ok we’ll just throw another coat of paint over that shit show and move along…” Then when you go to remodel and you have to strip 27 layers of paint with some wallpaper speckled in for good measure… you know the curse words for this. And if you’ve never had this happen, watch any number of HGTV remodeling home shows. They have some curse words in those too – bleeped out for your inconvenience.


Do you know when your Heart Chakra is imbalanced? In this week's episode we talk about how we all express the imbalanced Heart Chakra and the archetype of the Actor in some way shape or form in our lives. From the faces we put on to the hats we wear, we’re all just trying to survive, and relate. That’s the other great challenge. Relating to other humans. What does that look like for you? We’d love to hear!


Have you worked with your Shadow? Tarah gets all Netflix and Chill with hers, and Tracy explains more about what shadow work is, which might offer some insight as to why Tarah gets all Netflix and Chill with hers. (Disclaimer: We believe it’s your call on how you work with your shadow. Shadow work does not require a streaming service such as Netflix or other providers. Although Baby Yoda definitely got us in those heart spaces. Again…it’s your call.)


We want to remind you that working through energies or emotions that come through the Chakra System can be tough. We honor all your efforts and assure you that sometimes it sucks! But it DOES get better. So if you need to reach out and express yourself in some way, our inbox and DMs are open. If you want more clarification around something we said, email us and let us know! We’d love to connect.#sacredprofanelife

The Heart Chakra: Light Lover

Heart Chakra Time!

Or as Tracy would say, the MOST important chakra. Truthfully though, the most important chakra is always the one that’s currently out of balance. It’s the most important because the imbalanced chakra is sending you messages about what your body, mind and soul need. And in ten minutes, there may be another MOST IMPORTANT chakra. Life is like a big game of Jenga. Just keep on moving through it and doing your best to stay balanced. Your heart chakra is in the center of your primary seven chakras, so it has a big job to do in maintaining that balance.


Have you ever taken the Love Languages quiz?

We decided to take it to have a better understanding of how we like to be loved and how we receive love. It’s common to try to love someone the way we like to be loved, but it’s a somewhat newer concept to love someone how they like to be loved.

This is important when considering the light archetype of this chakra is the “Lover,” or the holder of love. We dive into this archetype a bit deeper and the quiz definitely showed us some things we needed to see about ourselves. So we encourage you to take the quiz if you haven't already, and compare your results with ours. What do those results mean to you? And, do you think your love language has always been the same, or has it changed? We're so curious!!

Wrapping Up the Year!

You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging for like, 2 whole weeks, did you? No way. We got you with a little bonus episode, and we got a little gift for you too.

We started talking about the year closing out and how sometimes that can create anxiety within us when we look at all the things we didn’t accomplish that perhaps we set out to do. So, we decided to dive deeper and bring you in on that conversation with the hopes of giving you a little boost that life isn’t always about what didn’t get done on that list of things to do. Often times, our biggest achievements were never on a list to begin with. We know… totally mind blown, right?!! 


Which brings us to the conversation around New Year’s Resolutions... Do you make them? Can you keep them? Do they work for you? Why are you making them? We have so many questions!! Let us know your thoughts by sending us an email!

The Solar Plexus Chakra: Shadow Servant

While we're always excited for our next episode this one is a little bittersweet as we're wrapping up the solar plexus, the last of the lower chakras!

The shadow side’s associated archetype, the Servant, can be a tricky one. This week we get a little more personal with our own imbalances, the way the Servant expressed for each of us, and how it's ultimately helped shape us through time. Or another way to put it is that our experiences are what inspire the ridiculousness we share with you. Thanks imbalances! [You're welcome!]


We revisit Mr. Rogers and his message that each one of us are special in our own way. Due to the nature of that message, controversy over his words emerged when society needed to explain shifts in youth attitudes. So we ask you, what are your thoughts on his message?


We'll be taking some time off for the holidays to honor the contraction of the winter season, but never you fear! We'll be back refreshed and recharged in 2020 to bring you the Heart Chakra! Tracy refers to it as the gateway between the upper and lower chakras, so there will be lots to cover when we get back. See you then!

The Solar Plexus Chakra: Light Warrior

Welcome to the top of the lower chakras, the Solar Plexus! So much fun stuff to unpack in this episode where we talk about the balanced expression of this chakra, and the Warrior archetype within.

This week we have a lively debate about the existence of participation ribbons, and if it’s the same thing as a gold star. We introduce one of our personal heroes, Mr. Rogers as a model for the Warrior archetype. And we get into gut health and gut instinct.

When tapping into your intuition, the gut is a really loud voice that calls out for attention. We use phrases like “gut reaction,” “I feel it in my gut,” “I should have trusted my gut.” The list goes on but they all refer to the same thing: your gut telling you something. That’s because the role the gut plays in our existence as humans is multi-faceted! Our bellies do WAY more than just digest food and make noises. So come get a little nerdy with us in this episode of the Light side of Solar Plexus!

Thanksgiving Special Guest!

This week's Episode is SUPER SPECIAL

We brought in a very important guest, the other voice you hear each episode, Stevi Daft, the artist behind our theme song, “Walk The Plank.” We’ve been honored to incorporate her music into our podcast, and we’re over the moon that we got her in the studio with us to chat about the creation of the song! Catch us all laughing about the synchronicity around her story and the Sacral Chakra that we just wrapped up. Nope, we didn’t plan that.


Also… for the upcoming holiday


We offer a few words to take with you. Or leave, doesn’t matter to us what you do with your life. Ok it kinda does, but depends on which one of us you ask. If you’re one of the rare ones that has super smooth sailing with your family of course you can still listen, and then when your friends remark about their struggles, you can share with them what you heard here. Or, you could just share the podcast with them so they can do their own work. You could also ask yourself, if everything is ok, does that mean I’m the asshole in my family?? WE KID WE KID. But, seriously it’s always good to check in on that anyway. We love you!

The Sacral Chakra: Shadow Martyr

In this week’s episode... We share expressions of the shadow side of the Sacral Chakra, and the imbalanced archetypal expression of the Martyr. We want to honor how deeply potent the healing of this chakra is, and that lifting the rocks and looking in the shadows can be emotionally and energetically charged. We support you wherever you are on your path of discovery. And where you are on that path is uniquely yours!


Healing is a process, and our bodies can’t take it all at once. It’s like when someone has a horrific accident and has to get multiple surgeries in order to survive. Some procedures are done immediately, but many of them will occur over a period of time. This is our healing process; when we’re ready for the next upgrade (surgery, procedure) we get it. And the body dictates the timing in the emotional, physical and spiritual spaces. We can’t rush it, we can only nourish it. We invite you to give yourself the container you need to look under those rocks, and reach out if you need support.

The Sacral Chakra: Light Empress Co-Creator

This week, we get into how the Sacral Chakra expresses as emotion and creativity in a balanced way, along with our discussion over words and language in defining the associated archetype. As we’ve said, each human has their own unique energetic stamp so things resonate differently for all of us. And in this case, when really discussing the meaning of the archetype, we agreed that we each had a different word to describe it. Which we think is awesome, by the way. You don’t have to agree on everything with everyone. Allow yourself to explore words and language and see what feels right.


The Root Chakra: Shadow Victim

In this episode of the podcast, Tarah and Tracy dive into some more personal experiences in balancing the root chakra, and how each of them not only expressed those imbalances, but what they did to help move beyond.

The Root Chakra: Light Mother

When the root chakra expresses as balanced and harmonious, we experience less anxiety, a deeper sense of security and stability, and often find ourselves with an overall sense of calm. Kind of like you just settled in for a nice nap on a lovely fall day. PS Tarah says this 90 degree weather in October is some bullshit.